Wellness is a natural choice

Success it is a natural choice

Fulfillment it's a natural choice

Rich social life is a natural choice

love is a natural choice

what are your natural choices?

Life is all about 

Natural Choice

Natural Choice

What is yours?

We believe that all human beings

Have a Natural right to live their best lives

Wellness, freedom, success and love
It's all a matter of natural choice


Are you ready to step up

For Your Natural Choice?


Skin Care Revulotion
Natural Harbel Extract Weight Menegment Program

Weight loss
Natural Harbel Extract Weight Menegment Program

Super Effective
Natural Harbel Extract Beverages

Natural Herbal Topical Patch

Natural Herbal Extracts

Unique wellness products to enhance your life are combined with a highly rewarding affiliate program

Natural Herbal have been used since the beginning of mankind for balance and healing body, mind, spirit.

Natural Herbal Extracts is a Unique Technology of extracting the active ingredient found in plants, with naturally a concentration of five times or more potency.

Absorption of active ingredients from Natural Herbal through the skin directly into the bloodstream is an ancient technology that goes back to the beginning of humanity.

Use of ointments for physical and spiritual healing is recognized as a healing method in ancient cultures all over the world.


The grand opening event

July 1, 2021

Our Menegment Team

Yair Bar Lev


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Head Coach

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Victorin Dahan

Global Marketing

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Our Home Base

Come visit us in one of the most beautiful places in Israel


Our Address




Tel: +9729-456-7890 

Opening Hours

Sanday to Friday: 9AM to 7PM

Israel Team


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