Our Business Model

Many years of successful experience in varied models of social businesses around the world, we have created an innovative business model that allows anyone, even without a financial investment, to succeed and earn, from additional income to financial freedom.

For Entrepreneurs

Founded By Entrepreneurs

Social Marketing

we market our products an uniq business model combine Affiliate Marketing along with Network Marketing

Instead of investing in advertising 

we invest in people

Most business companies invest huge sums in advertising, promotion and shelf space in the various marketing chains, whoever pays these prices is of course all of us, the consumers.

No Obligation

You dont owe us anything!
No obligation to keep stock of products!
No obligation to purchase products every month!
No obligation to pay membership fees!
No obligation to pay for the software!
No obligation to attend meetings and trainings!

Your only commitment to you life and your loved ones

Start Up Your journey to financial freedom!

From the moment you purchase even a single product you start building your business

Teach them to do the same and you will earn more money in addition to what they earn!

How much you earn will depend only on you!  With us no one will ever tell you how much you are worth and how much you earn!

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You share your personal experience with your family, friends, & social networks, every time they purchase one of our products, you earns money!

Learning and coaching program

We invest in you in courses, workshops and studies to Support you become professional!

  • Natural Harbel Technology 

  • Our products

  • Social marketing

  • Personal leadership

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You grow as fast as you choose


The grand opening event

July 1, 2021

Our Home Base

Come visit us in one of the most beautiful places in Israel

Bitan Aharun

Israel 94158


Tel: +9729-456-7890 


Our Address



Tel: +9729-456-7890 

Opening Hours

Sanday to Friday: 9AM to 7PM

Israel Team

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